01. The young boy got hit with a big wave, and [swallowed] a lot of water, but he was okay.
02. I have a sore throat, and it is hard to [swallow] any food.
03. The entire town was [swallowed] up by a crack in the ground that appeared when the earthquake struck.
04. The little girl hated the food, so she pinched her nose, and tried to [swallow] it as quickly as possible.
05. Does he really expect us to [swallow] that stupid story?
06. The little boy took a big [swallow] of pop, and smiled.
07. The young man [swallowed] nervously when questioned by police.
08. Pearl Bailey once observed that there's a period of life when we [swallow] a knowledge of ourselves, and it becomes either good or sour inside.
09. Harry Secombe once joked, "My advice if you insist on slimming; eat as much as you like - just don't [swallow] it."
10. When frogs [swallow] a meal, their eyeballs close and sink into their head, an action which applies pressure, and pushes the food down their throat.
11. I read somewhere that the average person accidentally [swallows] about 8 spiders a year.
12. Up to the age of six or seven months, a child can breathe and [swallow] at the same time. An adult cannot do this.
13. The crocodile does not chew its food, but [swallows] it whole.
14. In 18th century English gambling dens, there was an employee whose only job was to [swallow] the dice if there was a police raid.
15. Certain whales swim along with their mouths open, [swallowing] food.
16. Bahrain has long managed to avoid being [swallowed] up by its much larger neighbors.
17. A Chinese proverb notes that the human heart is never satisfied, just like the snake that wants to [swallow] an elephant.
18. Crocodiles sometimes [swallow] stones to help in digestion and add weight so that they can stay underwater.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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